Zolid Gen-X F
Highly translucent (HT) zirconia with color and translucency gradient
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No mandrel
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Zolid Gen-X puts an end to the time-consuming search for the right blank because these latest blanks of the Zolid DNA generation are true all-rounders! Zolid Gen-X has all the advantages of the Zolid HT + product group: excellent aesthetic properties and excellent mechanical values that go beyond any indication limits. In addition, Gen-X has a natural color gradient that takes the blank to a new level in terms of efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Simplifies material selection because Gen-X has multiple indications and applications
  • The flowing color and translucency gradient are a perfect imitation of nature
  • Due to the flexural strength of over 1000 MPa, Gen-X can be used for virtually all types of fixed dental restorations
  • The new features and all clinically proven benefits of Zolid HT+ are combined in this single material
  • Fully anatomical crowns and 4- to multi-pontic bridges
  • Anatomically reduced crowns and 4- to multi-pontic bridge frameworks
  • Multi-pontic screw-retained constructions on Ti bases
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